About Us

The state of the art forged by mastery in the attention of every single detail.



Dominated by ambition

  • Steel Company was founded in 2011 by Salvatore Spadola, an enterprising and daring Sicilian businessman; with his long experience, he created and established his own brand in the manufacturing and installation of stainless-steel marine catering system. Based in Italy, the company is a global partner in design, production and installation of marine catering system. It supplies a range of stainless-steel products, custom-made equipment for catering areas. Complete outfitting of galley, pantries, bars, buffets on board of cruise ships and public area.
  • It is a challenge dominated by ambition, a continuous research for excellence in every single product.
  • The great increment of the maritime sector imposes rigorous certification standards. The quality of product, the competence and experience of the staff allow us to provide works according to the highest quality standards.
  • During its almost ten-year activity, Steel Company represents a point of reference in the maritime catering sector. Combining the knowledge with the latest updated technologies, our skilled staff is able to prevent any type of problem or accident and to obtain great results in matter of safety and reliability.


Step By Step

  • All products and installation are carried out with an extreme attention to details according to the customer's needs and requests.
    It's a priority to always inform the client in each processing stage of the product to fully meet his expectations.
  • Our reputation is given by the satisfaction of our customers and starts with the selection of material of the highest quality.


Stainless Steel Quality

  • Steel Company has focused its commitment and resources both in the quality of the products offered and in their reliability.
    All our products are in compliance with US-PHS standards and regulation.
  • Pursuing rigorous quality standards in every work process, the creation of eco-sustainable products outlines the challenge of our company.


Crafts Technological

  • Continuous investments in technological equipment and machinery and the use of highly qualified and professional personnel allow us to operate in an effective and innovative structure.
  • In every production and management process, Steel Company Srl implements functional and consolidated procedures, providing the best raw materials and the appropriate equipment for each process.
  • The phase of cutting, bending, welding, assembly and cleaning of the product carefully monitored by highly qualified personnel in order to offer customized solutions to the customer, obtaining the excellence that distinguishes us.


The Inimitable Italian
Style in the World

  • The goal of Steel Company is to reach top performance and maximum reliability both in national and international market.
  • Over the years, this ability to satisfy the requests of all kind of customers all over the world has consolidated its footprint in the Naval Catering sector.
  • However, in every single product it can be felt the origins of the Steel Company, the inimitable Italian manufacturing style, the state-of-the art forged by mastery in the attention of every single detail.

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